This Week in Lincoln County – September 18, 2018

A few items of interest that the Commission has been working on are below.
• The Commission, along with all of Lincoln County, mourns the passing of the Journal’s Bob Simmons. Bob has been a fixture in the newspaper business around the County since 1972 and he will be missed.
• The renovations to the Courthouse continue with the insulation work and cupola repair having been completed. Soffit repairs are underway as well as the refurbishing of the six columns from the front porch. For being almost 150 years old, the columns are in good shape and with a little professional attention, will be back in place ready to stand for decades to come. Please keep an eye on the Journal as we will be conducting an open house at the Courthouse later in the year to commemorate the County’s Bicentennial as well as to let folks get a look at the results of the renovation project. A Master Plan has been developed by our historical architectural firm to serve as a guideline for future projects. Within the next few years, there is a foundation issue where the old and new buildings meet that will need to be addressed, but the crawlspace of the old building is rumored to be home to a rather large blacksnake, which may prove to be interesting if not entertaining.
• In addition to the projects at the courthouse, the Commission has also begun discussions regarding potential capital improvement projects to other County-owned buildings. Our Project Management office maintains a list of both long and short-term projects which is reviewed annually to prioritize the needs. Capital Improvement projects are largely based on technical data, but we all know that air conditioners and other building components do not announce in advance when they are going to break down. For instance, we know that the roof top unit at the Justice Center is reaching the end of its useful life and based on the technical data needs to be replaced, but the decision to replace it this year or next is a tough one. If you push it back to 2020 and it dies in 2019, it is imperative to have a contingency plan in place to replace the unit. The Project Management office works closely with our Maintenance staff to gather as much information as possible to guide the Capital Improvement process.
• The Road and Bridge Department is looking to expand its mowing crew for next summer. Anyone looking for part-time work with flexible hours should apply. If you are looking for work before next summer, turn in your application now as there is still some time left in mowing season and there is the opportunity to become a part-time member of the snow plowing team for this winter. All opportunities have the potential for full-time employment for the right candidate.

That’s all we have time for now. As always, call, e-mail or stop by the Courthouse if you have questions. Until next week…

The Commissioners

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