Lincoln County was founded December 18, 1818 and is comprised of a total area of 640 square miles located in eastern Missouri along the Mississippi River.  Lincoln County is bordered by St. Charles and Warren Counties to the south, Montgomery County to the west and Pike County to the north.  Lincoln County consists of eight cities, four villages, numerous small unincorporated communities and abundant agricultural land.  The total population at the last decennial census was 56,566 and the population of the City of Troy, the county seat was 10,540.

Lincoln County operates under the provisions of Missouri Law for counties of the second classification.  The executive body of the county is the Lincoln County Commission.  Comprised of three members, the presiding commissioner is elected at large from the county, an associate commissioner elected from district one and an associate commissioner elected from district two.

The Lincoln County Commission establishes policies and ordinances as well as supervising the activities of county departments including the Lincoln County Highway Department, Facilities and Grounds Maintenance Department, Economic Development Department, Emergency Management Agency, and Floodplain Administration. The commission is responsible for making appointments to numerous local boards such as the Lincoln County Library Board, Lincoln County Resource Board and the Lincoln County Community Opportunities Board. The commission is also responsible for approving and adopting the annual budget for all county operations.

The Lincoln County Commission holds public meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Lincoln County Courthouse located at 201 Main Street in Troy.  Tentative agendas are posted twenty-four hours in advance and copies can be viewed at

Joseph Kaimann, Presiding Commissioner
Mike Mueller, Associate Commissioner District 1
Matt Bass, Associate Commissioner District 2

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