From the Commission – This Week in Lincoln County – June 12, 2017

Now that the assessment notices are out, I am happy to report that Assessor Kevin Bishop is still alive and well.  At this time of year, even the Commission office gets to handle a few property valuation complaints, but that goes with the territory and we are glad to do it.  Kevin and his staff are diligently working with folks, but I suspect our Board of Equalization hearings will still be a busy few days.

A few items of interest that the Commission has been working on are below.

  • When I have my Commissioner hat on, most of my time is spent anchored to my desk reading reports, crunching numbers, and reviewing budgets, but today I was able to steal away with Commissioners Bass and Mueller to get out on the roads to look at some ongoing projects. I am happy to report that our efforts to keep the focus in our Road and Bridge Department on organized and efficient operations are reflected in the output.  Our supervisors and staff have really amped up their efforts and the progress shows.
  • Speaking of our Road and Bridge Department, last week we sent 7 employees to be trained in the use of our new Cartegraph record keeping software. Implementation of this program is a key piece in our efforts to be organized and efficient.  Employees will be able to record via tablet what they are doing, what equipment they are using, what materials they are using, and this will all be captured and compiled into a database that can generate a plethora of reports. An organized and efficient operation is an accountable operation as well.
  • Commuters that use southbound Highway 61 will need to allow extra time starting Monday, June 19 as MODOT will be working to widen and re-deck the bridge over Big Creek at the St. Charles County line. Traffic will be restricted to one lane, so leaving a few minutes early will keep you and the workers involved safe.  Road raging won’t get you to work any faster.
  • MODOT is also preparing to start the replacement of the Cuivre River Bridge on Route H this summer. Because MODOT’s budget is extremely limited, it is important now more than ever for the Commission to  maintain a collaborative relationship with our State Highway Department to see to it that Lincoln County and the region have their transportation needs addressed in as timely a manner as practicable.
  • Starting this week, this message will be posted on the County website as well, so tell your friends and neighbors.
  • That’s all I have time for now.  As always, call, e-mail or stop by the Courthouse if you have questions.  Until next week…

Dan Colbert

Presiding Commissioner

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