County Finalizing Historical Courthouse Grant

The Lincoln County Courthouse has once again been selected as a recipient of a Missouri Heritage Properties Program grant for the Fiscal Year 2017.  The grant was submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in December of 2016.

The grant scope of work will include insulating the attic of the original courthouse, re-cladding of the cupola, and repairing sections of the wood cornice.  With a total estimated project cost of $80,043, the grant will cover $50,030 of the entire project.

“Our first SHPO grant in 2015 was used to replace the asphalt shingles on the courthouse and completed the first of several preventative maintenance projects scheduled over a two-year time period,” said Presiding Commissioner Dan Colbert. “Using the current grant to insulate the attic should show returns in lower utility bills and the re-cladding of the cupola and repairing of the wood cornices will complete all roof projects.”

Currently the Commission is in negotiations with SHPO to determine the milestones and time line of the complete project. Once those negotiations are complete, it is estimated that the project will go out to bid in late summer.

Historical architect Jennifer Wilson of nForm Architecture has been contracted to oversee the grant project as well as to develop a Master Plan for the preservation of the courthouse.  Wilson will also oversee the restoration of the six cast iron columns on the front of the courthouse.

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