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All bids must be returned to the Lincoln County Clerk’s Office located at 201 Main Street in Troy, Missouri.

All bids must be received in a sealed envelope marked “Sealed Bid, Do Not Open”.

No bids will be accepted by fax or by email.

All bids must be received no later than 10:45 am central time on the date they are due.

The wall clock located in the county clerk’s office will be used to determine the time of arrival.

You may call (636) 462-7957 if you have questions about bidding.


Title Bid Due Date Bid Download Addendum Tab Sheets Bid Results Awarded Contractor

2020 Spray Foam – Detective Bureau/Coroner Building



2020 Commercial Cleaning Services – Justice Center


Bidding Closed

2020 Spray Foam RFB – Training Bldg. II, Sheriff’s Dept.


Bidding Closed

2020 Commercial Service Door RFB – Training Bldg. II, Sheriff’s Dept.


Bidding Closed

2020 Rock-Aggregate Supply RFB


Bidding Closed

2020 Road Signs RFB


Bidding Closed

2020 Asphaltic Concrete RFB


Bidding Closed

2020 Liquid Bituminous Materials RFB


Bidding Closed

2020 Road Materials Testing RFB


Bidding Closed

2020 Engineering Services RFQ


Bidding Closed

2020 Engineering Services RFQ


Bidding Closed

2020 On-Call Hauling Services RFS


Bidding Closed

2020 On-Tree Services RFB


Bidding Closed

2020 Office Supplies RFB


Bidding Closed

2020 Janitorial Supplies RFB RE-ISSUE


Bidding Closed

RFB – Auto Parts and Supplies – 2020


Bidding Closed

RFB – Culvert Pipes – 2020


Bidding Closed

RFB – Dumpster & Trash Removal – 2020


Bidding Closed

General Contract Services RFQ


Bidding Closed

RFB – Exterminating – 2020


Bidding Closed

2020 – Insurance Brokerage Services – RFQ


Bidding Closed

RFB – Spray Foam – Training Center Building


Bidding Closed


Air Barrier Spray Foam Systems, LLC

Low Water Crossing Repair on Birkhead Road


Bidding Closed


Raineri Construction, LLC

RFB – Tax Statement Security Paper Products


Bidding Closed


Speedy Office Solutions

RFP – Audit – 2019

07/16/2019 Bidding Closed Download Download

Daniel Jones & Associates

RFB – HVAC Maintenance – 2019

07/02/2019 Bidding Closed Download

Jarrell Mechanical Contractors

RFP – Banking and Depository Services 2019

06/18/2019 Bidding Closed Download

Peoples Bank and Trust

RFB 2019 Striping – Highway Department

06/04/2019 Bidding Closed Download

America’s Parking Remarking

RFB – Signs – Highway Dept – 2019 04/16/2019 Bidding Closed Sign Posts and Brackets
DownloadRoad Sign Blanks and Ready-Made
DownloadSign Making Equipment

Sign Posts and Brackets – Lightle Enterprises of Ohio, LLC

Road Sign Blanks and Ready-Made – Osburn Associates, Inc.

Sign Making Equipment – Osburn Associates, Inc.

Road Sign Sheeting Materials – Osburn Associates, Inc.

RFS – On-Call Hauling Services – 2019 04/16/2019 Bidding Closed Download

Mick Mehler & Sons and Eveland Excavating and Hauling

2019 Rock Aggregate Supply 04/09/2019 Bidding Closed Download

Bedrock Quarry, Big Creek Quarry, Central Stone Company, Fred Weber, Inc., and Magruder Companies

RFB – Asphaltic Concrete – 2019 04/16/2019 Bidding Closed Download

Fred Weber and G&M Concrete & Asphalt

2019 Microfilming of Records – Recorder of Deeds 02/19/2019 Bidding Closed Download Cott Systems

2019 Office Supplies

2/12/2019 Bidding Closed Download Download Office Depot & Quill

2019 Spray Foam – Evidence Bldg

01/15/2019 Bidding Closed Download Henges Interiors, LLC.

2019 Security Services

12/17/2018 Bidding Closed Download
Lingle Protective Services

2019 Janitorial Supplies

11/27/2018 Bidding Closed Download Area Distributors, and Interboro Packaging Corporation, Bid A

2019 Auto Parts -Hwy Dept

11/27/2018 Bidding Closed Download NAPA & O’Reilly

2019 Culverts-Hwy Dept

11/27/2018 Bidding Closed Download Contech, Metal Culverts & Ro-mar

2018 Demolitions – Flood Plain

11/27/2018 Bidding Closed Download

Mick Mehler and Sons

2018 Snow Removal

11/5/2018 Bidding Closed All Bids Rejected

Flood Damage Repair- Beck Road Bridge

10/23/2018 Bidding Closed Klocke Construction

2018 Server Maintenance – Courthouse RFQ

9/25/2018 Bidding Closed Download


SysTec LLC

2018 Taylor School Road Bridge Replacement – ad only

9/18/2018 Bidding Closed


Widel, Inc.

2018 Food Service Management – Jail RFP

9/11/2018 Bidding Closed Download Summit

Snyder Road Replacement Bridge

8/28/2018 Bidding Closed Download Download Bleigh Construction
RFB-Book Repair Project – Recorder – 2018 6/12/2018 Bidding Closed Download Mid-Continent Micrographics
2018 Salt – Highway Department 5/29/2018 Bidding Closed Download Compass Materials
2018 Road Tractor Re-Issue – Highway Department 5/22/2018 Bidding Closed Download

Mid-America Peterbilt Option 3

Snyder Road Replacement Bridge Project Temporarily Delayed Download Bleigh Construction
RHSOC IFB – 7000 -017 – 02 Winfield Transfer Switch 6/14/2018 Bidding Closed


2018 Contract for Marketing and Public Relations Services RFQ – 2018 5/15/2018 Bidding Closed All Qualifications Rejected
RFB- Trailer- Hwy Dept – 2018 5/1/2018 Bidding Closed Download Hall Trailer Sales
2018 Evidence Bldg – Sheriff Dept 5/1/2018 Bidding Closed  Download Download Moscow Mills Lumber
RFB- Road Tractor- Hwy Dept – 2018 5/1/2018 Bidding Closed Download All Bids Rejected
2018 Road Materials Testing RFP 4/17/2018 Bidding Closed Download Cochran
2018 Lawn Services 4/17/2018 Bidding Closed  Download  Download All bids rejected
2018 On-Call Hauling Services 4/17/2018 Bidding Closed

– Adams Jr. & Son Trucking
-Eveland Excavating & Hauling
-Hopkins Trucking
-Mick Mehler and Sons
-Tallent’s Hauling

2018 On-Call Tree Services 4/17/2018 Bidding Closed  Download Allen’s Tree Services, Skaggs Tree Services, Weitkamp Tree Services
2018 Courthouse Exterior Renovation Project

2018 Courthouse Column Rehabilitation

5/15/2018 Bidding Closed Renovation
Martin General Contractors(Renovation and Columns)
2018 Signs – Highway Dept 4/10/2018 Bidding Closed Download
 Download CLEN Industries, Warning Lites of Southern Illinois
RFB – Aggregate Seal-2018 4/10/2018 Bidding Closed Download   Download Missouri Petroleum
RFB – Rock Aggregate -2018 4/10/2018 Bidding Closed  Download Bedrock Quarry, Central Stone, Magruder Limestone
2018 Bunker Hill Road Bridge GRE 3/20/2018 Bidding Closed  Download Bleigh Construction
RFB – Asphaltic Concrete -2018 3/20/2018 Bidding Closed  Download Fred Weber
G&M Concrete & Asphalt
2018 Engineering Services RFQ 3/13/2018 Bidding Closed Download Bartlett & West
Shafer, Kline & Warren
RFB – Office Supplies -2018 2/27/2018 Bidding Closed Download Office Depot, Quill, and School Specialty
RHSOC IFB-7000-17-01 Animal Shelter Trailers 2/28/2018 Bidding Closed Midway Trailers, Fenton, MO
2017 Special General Counsel Commission-RFQ 12/5/2017 Bidding Closed Mr. Neil J. Bruntrager
2017 Water Truck – Highway Department RFB 11/14/2017 Bidding Closed Download Montgomery Sales
2018 Janitorial Supplies RFB &
2018 Janitorial Purchasing List
10/31/2017 Bidding Closed Download Area Distributors and Interboro Packaging Corp.
2018 Vending Services RFB 10/31/2017 Bidding Closed  Download Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company and Lincoln Vending
2018 Culvert Pipes RFB 10/24/2017 Bidding Closed Download  Download Metal Culverts and Mustermann Fabrication
2018 Auto Parts RFB 10/24/2017 Bidding Closed  Download NAPA Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts
2017 Printing and Mailing of Tax Statements 8/22/2017 Bidding Closed Download  Download Edward J. Rice Company, Inc.
2017 Dumpster & Trash Removal Service RFB Monday 7/24/2017 Bidding Closed  Download  Download Waste Management of MO, Inc.
2017 Outdoor Warning Sirens – Emergency Management RFB 7/18/2017 Bidding Closed Download Outdoor Warning Consulting, LLC
Lincoln County Courthouse Column Restoration Project 7/11/2017 Bidding Closed  Download All bids rejected
2017 Striping – Highway Department RFB 5/16/2017 Bidding Closed  Download Zone Group, LLC
RFB HVAC Preventative Maintenance 2017 5/16/2017 Bidding Closed Download Jarrell Mechanical
2017 On-Call Hauling Services – Hwy Dept. 5/2/2017 Bidding Closed Mick Mehler and Sons, Inc.

Eveland Excavating and Hauling, LLC

RFB Re-issue Portable Generator 2017 4/18/2017 Bidding Closed  Download Gateway Industrial Power, Inc.
2017 Aggregate Seal Coat 2017 RFB 4/11/2017 Bidding Closed
 Download Missouri Petroleum Products Co., LLC
2017 Portable Generator Emergency Mgmt. RFB 3/28/2017 Bidding Closed
Download Project to be Re-Bid (all bids rejected)
2017 Rock/Aggregate Supply RFB 3/28/2017 Bidding Closed
Download -Big Creek Quarry, Inc.
-Central Stone Company
-Magruder Limestone Co., Inc.
-Fred Weber, Inc.
2017 Asphaltic Concrete RFB 3/21/2017 Bidding Closed
 Download Fred Weber, Inc.

G & M Concrete & Asphalt Company, Inc

2017 HVAC- Dispatch RFB 3/7/2017 Bidding Closed
 Download  Jarrell Mechanical
2017 Dump Truck-Hwy. Dept RFB 2/21/2017 Bidding Closed
 Download Mid-America Peterbilt
2017 Historical Architect Services RFQ 2/14/2017 Bidding Closed  nForm Architecture
2017 Office Supplies RFB 2/21/2017 Bidding Closed  Download Office Depot and Quill